100% Organic Spirulina Powder (30 days)

  • Certified Organic Spirulina Powder.
  • Excellent source of quality protein that contain 9 essential amino acid required for human. Suitable for muscles building
  • Nutrient-dense with calcium, iron, vitamin A & vitamin C.
  • Enhance muscle strength.
  • The beta carotene content is much greater than carrots which is an excellent source of disease fighting antioxidants and is also good for healthy eyes and vision.
  • Anti-inflammation effects help boost immunity.
  • Lowering the bad cholesterol and prevent high blood pressure.
  • Easy to dissolve in water for better absorption
  • Advanced low temperature drying process and unique powdering process provide exceptional quality
  • Pure concentrated form of spirulina
  • All-natural-No additives, flavors, colors or other nasty stuff
  • Net weight: 180g | 30 servings | Approx. 2 teaspoons per serving

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